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Step 2:

Step 1:

Activate your FREE Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and

Stand to Win Microsoft Surface Pro 3!


Contest is extended!

Hurry, submit your entry and walk away with a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 :)


















Follow the steps below to stand a chance to win!

1. Log in to Microsoft Portal HERE using your Office 365 email address and password.

2. After signing in, select the settings icon.


Step 3:

3. Click on Office 365 Settings


Step 4:



4. Under the Office 365 settings, select software install and manage software.

Step 5:

5. Once you have downloaded Office 365 ProPlus to your computer the installation process will begin.



Step 6:

6. At the bottom of the screen, select run. Follow the prompts and accept the license agreement.


Step 7:

Step 8:

Sample Screenshot

7. When you see "You're good to go," select All done.




8. If you are activating your Office 365 Pro Plus using your mobile (ipad, Android or iPad), please send the below screenshots.

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

9. Do a screenshot of the Office Software Page as shown above and send the screenshot using your Office 365 School email account to


1O. Each student can get up to 5 chances to win the grand prize (1 activation=1 chance)

Contest period:  Extended!!!


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