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1. All the contests under the contest page are organized by AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS PTE LTD. (“AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS”) and consists of a series of activities including a lucky draw(the “Win a Microsoft Surface Pro 3”), (the “Win a Pizza Party for your class",(the “Create an Office Mix Presentation: SG50"),(the “Spot AXIOM and Hashtag to win")(collectively, the “Campaign”)


2. Participation in the Campaign is subject to these Terms & Conditions (“T&Cs”) and any amendments, additions, replacements, variations and modifications hereto, which shall be final and binding in all respects on each participant. Amendments to the T&Cs will be posted here.


3. By participating in the Campaign, participants agree to be bound by and to comply with the T&Cs. Non-compliance with or breach of any of these T&Cs may disqualify a participant at any stage of the Campaign, and any prizes won may be forfeited, withheld, withdrawn or reclaimed.


4. The Campaign is only open to students at specify school under specify period. Winner(s) may be required to produce a valid student ID no. before prize collection.


5. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS PTE LTD reserves the right, at any time in its sole and absolute discretion, to substitute, withdraw, add to or alter any of the prizes offered and its T&Cs without notice to the participants.


6. By participating in the Campaign, each participant agrees that:


a. Any and all personal data submitted may be collected, used and/or disclosed to AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS for various purposes, including to communicate with the participant for purposes related to the Campaign and such other purposes to which the participant has otherwise provided AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS with consent;


b. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS may collect, use, disclose and share amongst themselves and their respective service providers, the participant’s personal data, including the photographs or audio-video or other recordings of these participants (“Material”) for publicity and/or use in advertisements across all media, including, without limitation, in presentations, promotional materials on their websites, in its original or edited format, and whether to promote the Campaign or otherwise without further notification, remuneration or compensation; and


c. The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in and to all Material shall vest solely and absolutely in AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS without further compensation.


7. Participants shall not, without the prior written approval of AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS, speak to the press or any other media nor give any interviews or comments relating to the Campaign.


8. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS shall not be liable for any loss (including, without limitation, indirect or consequential loss), damage, personal injury or death in connection with the Campaign, or any prize, except any liability that cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the minimum allowable by law). All warranty claims in regards to a prize should be directed to the applicable manufacturer, supplier or service provider. Except to the extent that they may not be excluded by law, no representations, warranties, terms or conditions that are not expressly stated in these terms and conditions apply to this Campaign nor in respect of the prizes and all implied warranties are excluded, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of any of the prizes.


9. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable and non-cash prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.


10. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS accepts no responsibility for any tax or other liability that may arise from the prize winnings. Prizes are subject to availability and AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS has the right to substitute any prize for a comparable prize of equal or greater value to be awarded in lieu, subject to any applicable law.


11. All prizes which are not won or remain unclaimed after 1 months of the announcement of the winners will be forfeited.




1. The Lucky Draw will be conducted electronically on mmddyy at [time]  and 1 winner will be drawn. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS reserves the right, at any time in its sole and absolute discretion, to conduct the Lucky Draw manually in such circumstances as AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS may deem appropriate, and endeavours to hold such draw on the date and at the venue as stated herein.


2. All winners will be notified by phone call and e-mail. Winners may also have their names published across any media as determined. AXIOM IT SOLUTION’s decision as to winners is final and no correspondence will be entertained. No enquiries, appeals, verbal or written, shall be entertained. The participants shall accept and abide by any and all decisions made by AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS concerning, without limitation, these terms and conditions, the rules, procedures and regulations of the Lucky Draw, the award of prizes and any other matters relating to the Lucky Draw.




1. The campaign will run  starting DDMMYY and ending on DDMMYY 2015 11:59pm. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS PTE LTD reserves the right to amend the contest end date at any time.


2. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to amend the contest rules at any time. In such a case, amended contest rules will be published on the relevant contest page.




1. A “Qualifying Entry” means the “successful submission of the completed form” together with any other information requested. The completion and validity of the particulars of each entry shall be determined at AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS’s sole discretion.


2. Participants are required to submit the following details: 

  • a. Full Name as in NRIC/FIN

  • b. Student ID

  • c. Address

  • d. School Email address

  • e. Proof of downloads


3. By entering the contest, participants are agreeing to all the Terms and Conditions of the contest as listed on this page and any other requirements set out in any related promotional material, and all amendments, additions, replacements and modifications as may be made from time to time. The Organiser - AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS PTE LTD reserves the right to verify the validity of all entries and to disqualify any participant without any obligation to give any reason for disqualification.


4. By submitting the application. You agree to the use of your name and/or information without compensation, for AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS’s promotional and marketing purposes.


5. AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS PTE LTD reserves the right to amend or withdraw any of the terms and conditions without prior notice.




1. A Participant’s Prize is non-transferable and non-exchangeable and is subject to the terms and conditions accompanying them (if any). AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS may at its sole and absolute discretion withdraw and/or substitute any prize with any other item of similar value without notice and without furnishing any reason. 


2. Winners will be notified by a phone call and/or e-mail.


3. Prizes may be collected as follows: 

  • a. Phase One (Mini Prizes such as Movie premiums, Universal Studio Tickets):

    • Winners will be sent an email containing the redemption details of the prize. The prize may be collected at the following address: AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS PTE LTD from ddmmyy from 9am-5pm excepts weekend and public holidays. In order to collect the prize, the winner must print out the prize e-mail notification and the winner’s NRIC is required for verification; otherwise, AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS reserves the right to not release the prize. Upon arrival at the office, winners are to ask for any marketing personnel (tel: 69080915) to redeem the prize.

  • b. Phase Two (Lucky Draw):

    • An unit of Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will be given to one student who submitted the entry correctly.

    • Winner will be contacted via phone call for collection details.


4. Each Winner shall, if required by AXIOM IT SOLUTIONS, attend any prize presentation and participate in any advertising, promotional and publicity activity relating to, or in connection with the Contest.

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